Gas Detectors

A Word on Gas Detectors

Gas detectors can be installed in your home or business to help detect a gas leak. Although it doesn’t happen often, it does happen, and a gas detector can help keep you and your family (and co-workers!) safe.

Propane is naturally odorless, so an odorant is added to help us detect a leak. You’ll know the smell when it reaches your nostrils- rotten egg! (It’s actually mercaptan, or a similar sulfur-based compound.) But sometimes, for several reasons such as injury, disease, aging, or odor fade, this odorant fails to alert you of a leak. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a gas detector installed.

Some gas detectors are elaborate and require professional installation- but others work more like a smoke alarm, and you can install them yourself. Most of the time they run off of batteries, and have an alarm to alert you of detection. Call us we’ll be happy to chat with you about which style of gas detector is right for your particular home or business.

Wondering what to do if your gas detector goes off? First things first- get out of the building as fast as you can. Don’t make phone calls from inside, because the phone could create a spark, which could start a fire or explosion. Use a phone outside the building to call 911 or the gas company. Along the same lines, don’t plug in or unplug anything, light a match, or turn on/off any light switches.